Five Solutions to Water Damage

1. Remember to pick up your phone from water ASAP after it falls down to water. And please take out the battery without press any button on the phone even the power button. And take out SIM card for protect your contacts. Dry SIM card with tissue.

2. Check if water damage sensor near battery box has changed color from white to red. Because after-service works can identify if your phone damage is caused by people through water damage sensor. If it is, you have to pay for your phone repairing.

3. Find a hair dryer to dry your phone thoroughly in a cold wind mode. It may take 1 – 2 hours. Then put your phone and SIM card in a ventilated place to dry by airing. Wait for 2 days then install your battery and try to open your phone to check if it’s ok.

4. Find after-service center ASAP if your phone in a bad water damage situation or can’t recover after having done the above three steps.

5. Remember to backup to Computer / iCloud / iTunes anytime in case of phone damage or loss. And you can recover yourComputer / iCloud / iTunes backup whenever you want through Syncios Data Transfer:

Never to Do:
1. Dry phone with a hair dryer in a hot wind mode or exposure it under the sun directly, which could lead to the distortion of circuit board.

2. Never hurry to turn off phone with power key.

3. Don’t start your phone frequently. Wait for at least 24 hours.

4. Don’t press on any button of phone before it’s been dried thoroughly.

5. Don’t shake your phone to avoid water go every corner of your phone.

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