Corning has revealed Gorilla Glass 5, the latest generation of its glass panels that will end up in millions of upcoming smartphones. The main difference with previous generations is that Corning claims Gorilla Glass 5 will be more resistant to shattering, even if dropped from greater heights.
Corning claims that Gorilla Glass 5 can survive drops from heights of 1.6 meters, or around shoulder height, onto hard surfaces in up to 80 percent of cases. The displays landed face-down onto rough surfaces during testing. The previous version of the glass could survive a drop at about pocket level or below on a rough surface, but with 63 percent of drops occurring between waist and shoulder height, according to Corning, the goal was to increase the total fall distance that a Gorilla Glass-topped phone could withstand. With the chemically-strengthened glass being a favorite of the big manufacturers, it’s certain that a large portion of phones will soon contain Gorilla Glass 5.
Gorilla Glass 5 during testing
Corning’s own research found that 85 percent of smartphone owners globally drop their smartphone once per year. The need for stronger displays is greater than ever. And with the upcoming release of the Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7, the timing of this announcement makes it clear that we can expect Gorilla Glass 5 to make its way into new flagships very soon.
About 4.5 billion of the world’s phones use Gorilla Glass on their displays, and you’ll find the topper expanding beyond these pocket-size devices. This year, Ford announced that the 2016 GT model will have Gorilla Glass windshields. Some ATMs will even sport an antimicrobial version of Gorilla Glass on their displays.

The company didn’t specify which devices will use Gorilla Glass 5, but it did say we can expect to find the material baked in to new products hitting the market this fall.

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