Mozilla is getting closer to finally releasing a version of its browser for iPhones and iPads, the company announced Monday.

While it’s unclear when the iOS app will be launching, the company said in a tweet it would be “coming soon.”

The company began testing a beta version of the app in New Zealand earlier this year, and later expanded the preview to Australia, Austria and Canada. We don’t know when the app may be more broadly available or if the company has plans to release a beta in the United States ahead of its official launch.

A Mozilla spokesperson declined to provide further details around the timing of the app’s launch.

The early version includes an intelligent search feature, which surfaces recommended search results. (Mozilla ditched Google and made Yahoo its default search engine last year, though users can still opt to use Google, Bing or another search engine.) The broswer also has a “visual tabs” system that displays your open tabs in a grid to make it easier top see what pages you currently have open.

firefox  app for iOS

The app lets you sync tabs, search history and passwords between desktop and mobile apps. While that’s not a groundbreaking feature by any means — Chrome and Safari both have similar functionality — it will likely be welcome news to regular Firefox users who have missed having a mobile component to their browsing. (Firefox has had an Android app for some time.)

Mozilla previously made Firefox Home, a browser syncing iOS app, but yanked the app in 2012. Executives later said they would not bring Firefox to iOS unless Apple eased its restrictions on third-party developers.

The best version of the app featured an intelligent search option which offers recommended search results. It has a visual tabs system that shows the tabs open in a grid format, making it easier for the user to see the currently pen pages.The iOS version of app will let you sync all tabs, passwords and search history between your mobile apps as well as the desktop.

Mozilla had initially released a browser syncing iOS app known as Firefox Home, but it was pulled back in 2012. The company famously said that it would bring Firefox to iOS only if Apple eased the restrictions imposed on third-party developers.

With the release of iOS 8 bringing new extensibility options to iOS, Mozilla seems to have made its peace and change its mind.

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