The iTunes Music Library can quickly become a fearsomely huge beastie. Each Library can contain thousands upon thousands of songs. So how to well organize the iTunes music library.

Organize Your iTunes Music Library with Playlists

To help organize your playlists, it’s a good idea name them. To create a playlist, you can do any of the following:

  • Choose File→New Playlist.

  • Press Command+N.

  • Choose File→New Playlist from Selection.

  • Click a song to select it; then click the Genius button at the lower-right corner of the window. ( iTunes builds a playlist of songs that are similar in some way.

    Note: your Mac needs an Internet connection to create a Genius playlist, and the larger your music library, the longer it will take iTunes to build your playlist.

  • Click the iTunes entry such as DJ in the Playlist section at the left side of the window. iTunes delivers a random selection of songs taken from your iTunes Music Library. You can change the order of the songs in the iTunes DJ playlist, add songs from your Library, or delete songs that don’t fit the scintillating ambience of your gathering.

  • Click the New Playlist button in the iTunes window (the plus sign button in the lower-left corner). You get a newly created empty playlist (the toe-tappin’ untitled playlist).

Remove Duplicate Media Files

Pruning your media libraries is a great way to shrink iTunes Library size.

To delete duplicates in iTunes, run iTunes and click Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, etc. under Library, then choose View> Display Duplicate Items.

remove duplicate media files

Now, all the duplicates will be listed on the main window. Right-click the duplicates, choose Delete from drop-down list to remove your duplicate songs in iTunes.

Join CD tracks when you rip them

join cd track

When you insert the CD, iTunes will ask whether you would like to import the tracks. Click No, and then select the connected tracks by Shift-clicking (note that iTunes can join tracks only if they are listed together). Once the tracks are highlighted, click Advanced > Join CD tracks. A small black line to the left of the tracks indicates that they are linked.

How to fix the issue: Mac’s too old to download music

Have an old iMac running OS X 10.6.8., but the iTunes Store required 10.7.5 to download music? Do not worry, is there a way to do it. If you  have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), you can download to the device, then sync to the Mac.

Note: your version of iTunes can support your device.

How to create your own iTunes equalizer presets

1. Choose Window > Equalizer.
2. Drag the sliders to adjust the frequency settings.
3. Choose Make Preset from the pop-up menu and name your preset through choosing Edit List from the pop-up menu.

>>To learn more tips for iTunes, just click here.

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