Many iTunes users put forwarded their concerns about iTunes 12. Let’s take a look at it.

Join Tracks When Importing CDs in iTunes 12:

If you insert a CD in your drive, then select it in iTunes, there is an Options menu near the top-right of the window. Select the tracks you want to join, then click that menu and choose Join CD Tracks.

join CD tracks in iTunes

Click the Import button, and iTunes will join the selected tracks.

Warning: the Join CD Tracks menu item will not display if the CD is not sorted in track order. To make sure that it is, check that there’s a ^ in the column header above the track numbers.


Concerns about Apple Music DRM

Anything you download from Apple Music’s streaming catalog is DRM-protected:

Just like every other streaming service, Apple adds a DRM (digital rights management) layer to its streaming music collection. This keeps you from getting a subscription, downloading a ton of music in month one, then canceling the subscription. Instead, if you cancel Apple Music, all that streaming music becomes inoperable.

If you want DRM-free versions of that music, you can always buy tracks and albums from iTunes, Google, Amazon, or any other number of retailers.

Apple isn’t adding DRM to your music:

No, you won’t lose all your DRM-free iTunes music. At least, not without deleting your actual files and not having a backup. Apple isn’t adding DRM to your iTunes files, either.

The reality here is that Apple will not automatically remove any iTunes music files you own on your computer and replace it with a digital rights managed (DRM) file.

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