apple-watch-ship Apple is now preparing for the rollout of the in-store pickup option on new Apple Watch orders, which will allow users to select a retail location to pick up their wearable devices after order. This is the first time Apple has made any indication of watch stock appearing at its stores since Angela Ahrendts revealed that the company was unsure of when that might happen.

The radio button to select the option is currently disabled, but is expected to be turned on once local stores start to see shipments arrive.

The Cupertino company launched the Apple Watch to much fanfare in an online-only sale, although potential buyers could try the device on at their local store to get a feel for which model they wanted to order.

As seen in the image above, shoppers will now have the option to select “pick up” as an option for delivery, though at the moment it seems every store just says “available soon,” with no solid date for when you’ll be able to actually make a pick up.

Selecting this option could help cut down on the wait time if you don’t want to hold off until July, but it could also mean you have to wait even longer for your local store to get some stock. Previous reports have indicated that it could be June before any stores get stock, so choose wisely.

Source: 9to5mac

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