Apple is ‘tentatively’ planning to unveil the iPhone 6 and provide final iOS 8 details in mid-September, according to a new report from 9to5Mac.

Sources tell the site that the second or third week of September is the most likely timeframe for the event; however, manufacturing uncertainties could alter the schedule. A decision on the exact date has not been finalized.

The event will showcase the 4.7-inch iPhone 6; however, it has yet to be decided whether or not the 5.5-inch model will be debuted at the same time. The 4.7-inch version is further along in the testing and manufacturing process.

As Apple sets its sights on unveiling the new iPhone hardware, the company is also racing to finish up iOS 8, the software that will come pre-loaded on the iPhone 6. Apple is nearing completion of iOS 8.0′s development, and it plans to release a fifth and likely final beta to developers for testing on Monday, August 4th, according to the sources. Apple will finish up work on this beta 5 early next week, the sources said, and a golden master version of iOS 8 will be completed either in late-August or early September in order to provide ample time for both carrier testing and the installation of the iOS onto iPhone 6s in production.

Apple is apparently planning a second event in October. It’s unclear what the company will unveil at this event but it could be the much rumored iWatch. In addition, the company will talk about OS X Yosemite prior to its release.

Finally, Apple is expected to update the iPad this fall with a modest changes including internal improvements and Touch ID.