With Apple finally revealing the date of when we’ll see the next iPhone and Instagram abandoning square photos, you may have missed some of this week’s best new apps.

Luckily, every weekend, we round up our favorite new and updated apps. This week’s list includes an app to send doodles to your friends, an update to Facebook’s newest standalone app and a new gravity-based game.

Check out the gallery, below, to see our top picks. If you’re looking for more, take a look at last week’s roundup of can’t-miss apps.

ditty app


Ditty made its messaging-set-to-music app a lot more personal with a new feature that lets you record stop motion videos on top of your musical messages. Better yet, the app also got a load of new sharing options so you can now share your clips directly to iMessage, Twitter and Instagram.

Keep an eye on: The free single of the week, for a bonus free track you would otherwise need to pay for, and the search tool, which makes it easier to browse songs. You can search by genre, mood or switch between free and paid songs.

Pro-tip: When you record a video, use the chat bubble icon at the top to sync your video with different parts of your message.

Free: iOS and Android



Ideal for casual sketching, Inkboard lets you grab photos from your phone and quickly add your own doodles and annotations to them. Or, if you prefer a blank canvas, you can create a new drawing from scratch. All the photos are easily saved back to your camera roll or shared to other apps.

Keep an eye on: The app offers a solid lineup of drawing tools from colored markers, crayons, pencils and highlighters to different-sized pencil tips and erasers so you can squeeze a surprising amount of precision out of the app — even if you have a smaller screen.

Pro-tip: Enable the Inkboard keyboard from the main iOS settings app and Inkboard cleverly swaps out your keyboard for a blank canvas so you can send quick handwritten notes or doodles to your friends from within iMessage and other apps.

Free: iOS


One of Facebook’s newer standalone apps, Moments aims to help groups of friends share photos with each other outside of Facebook. Sync your photos to the app and it groups them based on where they were taken and which friends are in them. From there, you can choose which photos you want to share and which friends you want to share them with.

Keep an eye on: Facebook just added a new video feature that takes groups of six or more photos and sets them to music for video montages of your memories.

Pro-tip: Facebook makes the videos automatically but you can fine tune them by changing the background music, order of the images or adding more photos to each video.

Free: iOS and Android




Portal, Pushbullet’s new iOS app, makes transferring files from your computer to your phone seamless. Pair the app to your computer by opening a URL and scanning the corresponding QR code. Then, drag and drop the files you want to move; transfers are completed in seconds.

Keep an eye on: The app is able to handle very large files because it depends on Wi-Fi so you don’t need to worry about Portal eating into your data. The company says the next feature in the works is sending files the other way — from smartphones to computers.

Pro-tip: Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise you won’t be able to make the transfer.

Free: iOS and Android


Fallen puts your reflexes to the test in its simple but entertaining gravity-based game. Your job is to match up the colors on a wheel with the colors on a constant stream of falling orbs. You get three mismatches before the game resets.

Keep an eye on: The game sprinkles a changing lineup of power-ups throughout the game. Use them strategically; it can often be worth saving one for a tricky move.

Pro-tip: You can upgrade your power-ups and even the shape of the color wheel as you play more games and rack up more points.

Free: iOS

Reference: Mashable

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