The most important thing about the OnePlus 7T is the new 90Hz display, which has trickled down from the 7 Pro. The screen itself is a little smaller and has a slightly lower resolution than the Pro’s — it’s a 6.55-inch 1080p OLED panel — but it’s just as glorious to use, thanks to that high refresh rate. You can’t even get a 90Hz screen on any other phones.

I bet a number of young people will consider to get a OnePlus 7T for its 90 Hz smoothness. However, for many, especially for iOS users, transferring music to Android device can be an annoying thing. So I am sure you don’t want to miss this guide which offers you 4 solutions on how to transfer music to OnePlus 7T.

Part 1: One-click Copy Music from Computer to OnePlus 7T

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When it comes to the topic on how to sync music tracks between computer and Android, the first thought for many is transferring via USB cable. Actually this method is practical but only certain files can be supported in this way. Syncios Manager is such a program that not only supports various files, but also enables to preview, manage, backup and transfer those data, which gives you more convenience compared to the traditional one.

So, in order to seamlessly copy music files from computer to OnePlus 7T, I would say Syncios Manager is ace in this field. Here we offer elaborate instructions to help you achieve it.

Step 1 Download and install Syncios Manager into your computer and run it. After the installation, run it and connect your OnePlus 7T to computer via USB cable. Turn on USB debugging mode to permit the detection of your device.

Step 2 After your device is successfully detected, you can tap on Media on the left panel. Your music list will be displayed on the interface by default. To copy music files to your OnePlus 7T, click on Add button on the top menu then you are allowed to select and transfer the certain music files or a whole folder on your computer (Drag and Drop is also available) to your device without effort.

 syncios manager

Part 2: One-click Transfer Music from iOS/Android to OnePlus 7T

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In the first part, we explained how to transfer music from computer to OnePlus 7T, but what if we want to transfer music tracks from iOS/Android to OnePlus 7T? Here I would highly recommend Syncios Data Transfer for you, which is a simple yet effective solution for transferring contents between different devices, cross-platform supported. With this handy data transfer tool, you are allowed to transfer all music tracks from your old phone including both Android and iOS device (like iPhone, iPod or other Android devices) to your new OnePlus 7T quickly with lossless quality. You can simply download it and follow the steps below to get the job done. Here we simply take the Android device for example.

Step 1 Download and install Syncios Data Transfer to your computer and launch it, and then you will notice there are three modes on the main interface which are TransferRestore and Backup. Select Transfer mode (the default mode) on the panel, then connect both of your old device and OnePlus 7T to your computer via USB cables.

Step 2 After the devices are detected successfully by Syncios, please make sure that the source device is on the left while the OnePlus 7T on the right and you can click on the arrow in the middle of the interface to alter the position of them. Then click Next button to proceed.

 syncios transfer

Step 3 Now you can select music files to transfer. Simply tick off Audio option on the panel and Syncios will load all music files on the source device. Then simply click on Next button to start transferring music. And after a while (depends on the size of your music files), all music will be successfully transferred to your new OnePlus 7T.

 data transfer

Part 3: Transfer Music from iTunes Library to OnePlus 7T

If you are an iOS user, probably you use iTunes to sync your music. So is there any solution to sync iTunes music to an Android device though there exists incompatibility between iOS and Android? Definitely yes! Syncios Data Transfer not only supports data transfer between phones, but also supports to sync iTunes library to OnePlus 7T. So if you need to transfer the music files from iTunes Library to your OnePlus 7T, simply follow these steps below to achieve it.

Step 1 Still launch Syncios Data Transfer and this time we need select Restore mode on the main interface. Then connect your OnePlus 7T to computer via USB cable. Similarly, you need to follow the on-screen wizard to turn on Developer Mode and USB debugging if you haven’t done that yet.

Step 2 After your device is successfully detected by Syncios, click on iTunes library button. Syncios will start loading your iTunes Library and will list all music/playlist after a while. Check all your desired music files and click on OK button, then click on Next button to start copying them to your OnePlus 7T. After a while, all selected music will be added to your new device and you can go and check them.

 transfer music

Part 4: Convert and save iTunes Apple Music songs to OnePlus 7T

When trying to move songs from Apple Music to OnePlus 7T, you’ll get error message. That’s because Apple Music songs are not allowed to be moved to other devices, which limits us to listen to Apple Music on iTunes or with Apple Music App. What’s more, once the subscription is cancelled, the music you downloaded will become greyed out.

To play Apple Music songs on OnePlus 7T, you have to convert them to the common output formats such as MP3. Sidify Apple Music Converter is a powerful Music Converter tool which can convert Apple Music files to OnePlus 7T supported output formats including MP3, AAC, WAV and FLAC. Follow the steps below will get you there.

Step 1 Download and install Sidify Apple Music Converter on your computer.

Add Apple Music songs

Step 2 Firstly, choose music you need to convert to your music library and click the “downward arrow” to download the songs. And then switch to Sidify program, click “+” button on the upper left to import the downloaded Apple Music songs from the iTunes library pop-up window, click on OK to confirm.

Add Apple Music songs

Step 3 After importing songs to the program, you are allowed to set the Output Formats as MP3, AAC, WAV and FLAC. You can also set Output PathOutput Organized and Output Quality according to your needs.

Set output format

Step 4 Now we need to convert Apple Music songs. Just tap on Convert button to convert Apple Music files to MP3 or other audio formats without loss of any quality. Click on History on the upper left then you are able to check all the converted Apple Music songs.

Converting Apple Music

Step 5 Finally, you can choose to manually transfer converted music to your OnePlus 7T through USB cable or you can just turn to part one to use Syncios Manager to get your converted music to your decive with one-click which will save you a lot of trouble.


Above we offer you detailed steps to transfer music from computer, Android/iOS, iTunes Library to OnePlus 7T as well as convert and save iTunes Apple Music songs to it, which can meet your various requirements of transferring music to OnePlus 7T.

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