Jailbroken devices are free from the shackles of Apple’s “walled garden,” meaning they can run software do things that are normally not allowed. Jailbreaking is perfectly legal and it unlocks some pretty cool capabilities for your iPhone. Take a look at what jailbroken phones can do – maybe you’ll want to liberate your own device.

The political “do it because it frees you” reason

Some people take offense at the fact that Apple retains control over your phone after you buy it. It’s just a phone, and you own it. Shouldn’t you be able to do anything you want with it?

Access to the Cydia app store

A number of independent developers contribute software to Cydia, the special app store for jailbroken iPhones. Because these phones can run whatever software the user wants, an impressive number of new capabilities can be bestowed upon a phone (as you’ll see).

Turn your phone into a mobile hotspot for free

Wouldn’t it be great to get a WiFi iPad to your phone’s 3G connection? A jailbreak app called MyWi is exactly what you need.

Use custom themes

Some people will want to trade in iOS’s simple appearance for something more complex or interesting. A number of jailbreak themes are readily available for them.

Teach Siri new tricks

We’re not the biggest fans of Siri (we even made a list of 9 things we wish it could do). But so many jailbreak apps help bring out its full potential — change voices with AnyVoice, teach it to shut down or restart your phone with VoiceUtils, or if you don’t have Siri you can install Sara, a jailbreaker’s alternative.

Use a Swype-style text input

We like the Swype text input method, usually only available on certain Android phones. You can drag your finger over over the keyboard and it recognizes the character you want to type when you change direction. The iSwipe app brings this same functionality to your liberated phone.

Access all your major settings with one button

We love the jailbreak plugin SBSettings, which gives you instant access to all your important settings with nothing more than a double-tap on your home button, though you can configure the menu to appear as a result of any button or gesture combo you like.

Install all 3rd pary iPad apps

There are many excellent applications banned by Apple to hit the App Store for certain reasons. By jailbreaking iPad, you can install and run all these apps without any limitations. Let’s take some great apps for example.
* Download Youtube videos and save to your iPad.
* Backup purchased and jailbroken iPad apps.
* Streaming songs and videos from a Mac over Wi-Fi.
* Capture photos and videos even if the iPad doesn’t have a built-in camera.
* Let you make phone calls, even send SMS text messages.
* Make a category system. Move icons into folders for organizing hundreds of your applications.
* Apple applications syncing. And also transfer files between iPad, computer and other devices.

Turn your iPhone into its own security system

iCaughtU is a jailbreak app will take pictures of whoever attempts to enter the incorrect password to use your phone. You can set it up to email the photos to yourself when it catches a thief. Handy!

Get rid of notifications without unlocking your screen

Ipsum is an app that lets you swipe over notifications to make them go away without opening the app that generated the notification. It’s perfect for people who like to keep a clear Notification Center.

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