Apple’s unveiling of the iOS 8 has solicited a mixed response throughout tech forums online. While apple fans are still in awe of the many improvements in comparison to the earlier IOS 7, Tech gurus aren’t quite satisfied with certain critical problems still existing in the new launch. There is some hope coupled with speculation that apple will address criticism in the issues below with improvement expected in the iOS 9.

iOS 9 Release Date:
iOS 9,codenamed Monarch will be the major update after iOS 8 and will be the next generation mobile operating system of Apple. By major update we mean those updates that bring big change in the UI(User Interface). There are minor updates as well which bring minor changes, like in iOS 7, there are many minor updates 7.1, 7.2 and many more. iOS 8 was announced in June, 2014 by Apple at WWDC and released in Q4 2014. Apple brings one major iOS update every year. The next major update will be iOS 9.

Considering Apple pattern of releasing new iOS every year, we are predicting that iOS 9 might be announced in June, 2015 by Apple at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference). It may be possible that it will release soon after few months of announcement.

After announcing, iOS 9 will be available in its beta 1 version. There will be some beta version of iOS 9 made by Apple developers for testing. Then after testing Apple will release the iOS 9 for public. After releasing iOS 9 for public, apple will update this operating system in all its latest iPhones and iPads. Apple may target that all iPhones and iPads users should be able to take experience of iOS 9.

iOS 9 Features: Rumor:
Online market is high with the news of Apple iOS 9 new features. Rumors are piling up every day stating iOS 9 may comprise new matchless security system, advance music features and may go comfortably along with other iPhones like 4s. This news may not be officially announced by the Apple, but yet the news is trustworthy as it is revealed by someone close to Apple’s software development departments. At WWDC, which is going to hold on June 8-12, possibilities are there that developers will utilize the opportunity and will discover and will reveal some newest features for Mac OS and iOS. Chances are there that the Apple will launch the finest mobile operating system which will be decked with home automation and split screen support, first time for all the loyal customers of iPhone.

As per the sources Apple is considering more on improving the quality of its operating system, Apple’s engineer want to progress more on stability and upgrading the functioning and performance of mobile operating system, so that the iPhone operator can experience the real advance generation phones, and they set it as a target to achieve before launching and introducing new features.

This is the first time ever that the Apple is altering its annual upgrade cycle and concentrating more on quality improvement by limiting many new features. Sources from the Apple’s Operating system development plans have verified that Apple will go more creatively with numerous security features and probably will make many new modifications to its Swift programming tools for developers.

As per leak information from sources close to Apple’s software engineers, Developers of Apple softwares are pushing their executives to the extent where they could give their best creative output in order to attain a Snow Leopard-style stability focus in 2015. Many news seekers were hovering over the developers, following that Apple Director preferred to be silence on the question of new features, but he did revealed a bit by agreeing upon the quality assurance and indicating the restrictive use of new features that were earlier designed and intended to integrate in the latest operating system. One of the secure sources said in the statement that he doesn’t signify that there is nothing new for consumers, but yes, there is slightly less than what was earlier planned for. Let’s see what all new features iOS 9 will be integrated with:

Security upgrades in iOS 9

Let’s keep the main additional features aside for a minute, if we will take into consideration the security aspect, we will find many new paramount changes in iOS 9. Security part is the most significant in every modern phones, Apple is working on this feature to make it integral part of iOS 9 and persistently Aplle’s engineer putting their best effort to get better with security fundamentals of operating system. To attain that objective Apple have taken a new initiative called “Rootless”, re-designed i-cloud drive and “Trusted Wi-Fi” that makes the security of operating system more impervious.

Rootless: Sources have brought out the news that the Apple engineers are more excited with the new security system especially with Rootless, this system is receiving many admirations internally and generally accepted as the central part of operating system. Rootless carries many unique attributes in itself, it is very effective in preventing malware, it boosts the safety of extensions, and safeguards the security of hypersensitive data. It even shields the protected files on Apple devices from being accessible when using the device from administrative-level. Rootless will be a bash on jailbreak community on iOS. This is the best security feature anyone can get.

iCloud Drive: In sequence of security development and advancement of iOS 9, securing the syncing apps also play a vital role. And in order to make the phone more secure for its users, developers of iOS 9 is aiming to switching core applications to an iCloud Drive back end. Currently, if we will notice Apple is using an IMAP-based back end for syncing all kinds of content from all apps such as Notes, Reminders, and Calendar. You are using an iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo account or anything else device will use, at present, IMAP-based back end to synchronize across devices. And Apple engineers are planning to make it more secure by replacing IMAP-based back end with iCloud Drive back end. This also helps in faster synchronization. As per sources apple is also working on the improvisation of iCloud Drive and CloudKit servers to uphold the expected users of this.

Trusted Wi-Fi: Sources says the last exciting security feature is “Trusted Wi-Fi” which is expected to be release at the end of this year, but may shift its release gear to next year. Trusted Wi-Fi connects to authorize wireless routers without any hitch, but for non trusted routers it may create limitations.

Older design Optimization: While many old users of iOS cogitate that new operating system of Apple is created just to encourage the sale of phones and tablets, but the company has different plans this time. Company is inclined towards creating a legacy with new operating system. One surprise news for all the iPhone lovers will be that even all A5-based Apple devices; including the original iPad mini and iPhone 4S would be able to use iOS 9.

Swift 2.0 + Smaller App Sizes: Besides improving other features of older iOS, one major upgradation of Aplle in iOS is advancement of its Swift programming language. Swift was first introduced in last year at WWDC, and the new upgraded version will certainly benefit both developers and consumers. Previously Apple did not included Swift programming “code libraries” within iOS that cause the usage of more space for each swift apps, but now it is all changed, its code libraries will be pre-installed and will consume less space and less data.

Source: ios9update

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